OpenRCT2 Server Update

Just to let everyone know our OpenRCT2 servers will be back up in a few hours.

With this update we will be adding the following things:

– More server stability meaning less crashes.
– New maps to the rotation for the normal and griefing servers.
– Added a few hundred guests to each map for the griefing server.
– Time changed from 30 min games to 20 min games on the griefing server.

With this update we would also like to announce that we will start hosting park building competitions for up to 6 players placed in a map confined to their own area to build the best and most amazing park possible. We would like to ensure everyone that there will be many spectator positions available for everyone to watch on. The winner will be decided by everyone that is spectating the competition. These competitions will be hosted maybe a couple of times a month on the weekends depending on the popularity of the idea. A sneak peak of the competition map and more info will be posted soon. If you have an idea for our OpenRCT2 servers please go to our suggestion area on the forums, we’re always open to new ideas 😀

Wildcard Issues

Hi everyone, I just want you all to be aware that the latest update has caused a lot of ARK wide issues. Unfortunately there are issues that can’t be fixed remotely. The latest one that has been brought to our attention is a tribe issue – everyone is being kicked from their own tribe and being locked inside their bases.

But do not fear! An admin is able to force you back into your tribe next time you are online so you won’t lose all that hard work.

If you come across any other issues, you can either leave us a comment or message on Facebook, or send an email to [email protected]

Happy Gaming!

OpenRCT2 Server Downtime

We regret to inform that both our OpenRCT2 Servers will be offline for the next 24-48 hours due to some problems we have been having with our California server. Both OpenRCT2 servers will be back up on Friday Afternoon. (AWST)