Come play on our ARK servers!

Come join us on our 5 server PvE cluster with cross transfer available! The servers have been running smoothly since migrating to the new hardware and haven’t had any downtime (except for server updates). We also added an Island PvP server for funsies.

Our servers automatically update meaning you don’t have to wait for an admin to update the servers for you to play! Don’t forget to vote for our servers daily.

<3 Valkyrie


We have received our new hardware and are currently in the process of setting it all up. Server migration will take place on the 12th of January so we appreciate your patience during this time. Hopefully all of the ARK servers will run much smoother upon completion!

We thank you all for being so patient and understanding during this time. You guys are awesome!

<3 Valkyrie

New server hardware!!

We have just ordered new hardware to build a better server. Our current server is loud and generates a LOT of heat, so we’re going with something quiet and water cooled.¬†Hopefully this means even more game servers and a smoother operation! Hooray!

Don’t forget to vote for our ARK servers daily!