The Island and Scorched Earth servers added and ARK issues

We have now launched The Island and Scorched Earth servers with cross transfers available. Please note that you will not be able to bring foreign creatures to the Aberration server but you can take Aberration creatures to The Island and Scorched Earth. Characters, items and blueprints are transferable between all servers. This means you will now be able to get blueprints more easily and unlock Tek engrams.

Some of you have experienced some lag issues and bugging under the ground, unfortunately this is an ARK issue and not a server issue. The Structures Plus mod recently had a major update and there have been several issues reported after this. If we remove the mod, you will all lose your structures. Hopefully there will be some fixes released soon. If you are having issues, do not hesitate to contact either Eps or Valkyrie in game or in discord and we will do our very best to resolve the issue.

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Happy Adventuring!
<3 Valkyrie

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