Server Rules
We have a few simple rules which we require each player to follow when playing a game hosted by Br34k. Breaking any of these rules could result in a permanent ban from all Br34k servers.

1. Respect Everyone
You are expected to respect everyone on our servers. If you disrespect the staff, community regulars, or any other player on the server, you will be banned. Any flaming (insulting) of any type on the server will result in immediate action from an admin. We will not tolerate elitism, insults for an individual’s perceived lack of “skill”, or the demeaning of new players.

2. Cheating/Modding/Exploiting
Any player caught cheating and/or exploiting without permission will be banned. Admins, and only admins will decide who cheats and who does not.

3. Bigotry/Racism/Sexism
This type of behavior is not tolerated whatsoever. Anything that even implies a racist/discriminatory/sexist remark or action will result in a permanent ban.

4. Admin Impersonation
Falsely claiming to be a Br34k server admin and/or falsely implying one has the ability to enforce rules on Br34k servers is not permitted. Players found violating this rule will be banned for an extended period of time.

5. Profanity
Profanity is permitted, but to an extent. Excessive usage of profanity for no reason will be met with administrative action. Profanity in player nicknames, however, is allowed to a certain extent.

Br34k Gaming Staff

    • Please note that members with Admin and Moderator rights will only enforce the rules when they have the power to, this is aimed at our openRCT2 server to stop people impersonating moderators


Community Administrators

    • Eps
    • Mikey
    • Valkyrie

Global Moderators

    • Position available
    • Position available